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Should You Invest in a QR Code?

In a previous post, we touched on the Do’s and Don’ts of QR Codes. Now with these facts in mind, you can decide if investing in a QR code is smart internet marketing move for your business. While it can be an efficient way to promote your company and draw in new customers, it can have a negative to no effect if other factors are missing. Even if it’s done correctly, there are several questions you should ask yourself before you consider using a QR code:

1. Does your website receive a lot of traffic via mobile phones?

If you’ve noticed that a decent portion of your web traffic comes from mobile web browsing, then a QR code could be useful for your business. With this fact, you are now aware that most of your customers have Smartphones, so you no longer blindly worrying whether people could even make use of your code in the first place. By using a QR code in an advertisement, people will be able to scan your code to check out your page at their leisure.

2. Is your site user-friendly and mobile-optimized?

Knowing that many people are looking at your business’s site on their mobile phones, you must have a web design that is easily viewed via Smartphone. If your site is difficult to maneuver on a mobile phone, then investing on a mobile website should be a bigger priority if you desire to reach out to a mobile audience.

3. What are you trying to promote?

If you have a new product or launching a new campaign, a QR code can be a great way to get your product known while increasing web traffic. QR codes are unique because they can bridge together print and digital media with a simple scan. A good QR code link can be insightful and should contain new information not shown in the original ad.

4. How well do you know your customers?

Do some research as to how your costumers are learning about your services. If it is mostly through print media, then a QR code will be a perfect way to inform them of something new. If the majority of your clientele is from a specific town or region, focus on getting ads with QR codes in these areas. Likewise, you can use your social media sites and customer reviews to find out if people are in fact scanning your QR code.

Hopefully, these questions sway your opinion one way or the other. If do you in fact already have a basic mobile marketing strategy and solid SEO, then a QR code will only benefit your campaign. If you are lacking in some of the fundamentals of web design and internet marketing, focus your attention on improving your long-term web marketing strategies like search retargeting and social media. Consider strengthening your mobile site or connecting with an SEO agency!