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Never Run Out of Social Media Content

Social media is always changing and so are trending topics, but that’s no reason not to build your social media marketing posts into your calendar. That might sound strange given how spontaneous social media is, but it’s important to place your updates to assure you have quality content for your social media channels. Here are a few ways to make sure you never run out of social media content.

Build and editorial calendar:
Use a software program like Microsoft Excel and build a spreadsheet to represent a calendar. List dates, times, social networks, type of content, source of content and anything else you may need to reference for your posts. Then start filling it in!

Where to get the content:
There are a ton of sources to get your information from.

  •  Original content: First and probably most important (depending on your business) is to create original content. Use a blog platform to write about topics related to your business, trending topics and even personal opinions. Blogs are a great way to create a voice for yourself or your company. Then use social media to share your posts on, inviting others to comment and give feedback of their own.
  • Use online news sources or even search engines to find out what stories and/or topics are trending. A lot of social media websites also have their own trending topics where you can look for ideas. Websites like Google Trends and Alltop are great sources too. Use trending topics to write blogs about or even post an opinion or question on your Facebook page inviting feedback, this is a great way to engage with your friends, followers and fans.
  • Use videos, infographics, presentations or any material you’ve used for business or personal reasons and use it on your blog to develop a post. You’d be surprised how easily others can relate to you!
  • Holidays are also a great time to post. Most of the time people are happy around holidays and just like to be friendly, so take advantage of it as a way to engage

Social media marketing takes strategic planning and content is key. There’s no reason you should go days without posting or sharing something so use the tips above to develop content to post on your social media networks