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Internet Marketing Tips That Have Stood the Test of Time

Some SEO techniques work for a few months or years before they become antiquated by revised search engine algorithms (link farms, anyone?). However, there are a handful of tips that worked in the past and will most likely continue working in the future. Read on for internet marketing tips that have stood the test of time.

Fresh Content

With today’s technologically savvy generation, many companies feel the need to use social media to keep up and maintain the interest of their current and prospective clients. And given that platforms like Twitter, Facebook fan pages, and blogging sites are generally free, most businesses (old and new) tend to view social media as a low-risk investment. However, once you decide you want to have a blog or Twitter, you absolutely MUST update them frequently. Even though Twitter and WordPress may be free, you still have to spend time writing new content on a regular basis, or at least you’ll have to pay an employee to do the updates for you. Just having a Twitter, Facebook fan page, and blog isn’t enough to increase your ranking in the search engine results page. Here is a good example that better explains the often over-simplified benefits of social media on web marketing: A company blog ranks relatively high in a SERP. However, one day, the owner finds that his traffic has suddenly dropped significantly. The culprit? His popular blog had not been updated for more than five months. However, once he makes a new blog post, that is enough to bring his traffic back to its standard volume.

Fresh content is good because search engine crawlers will recognize it. But more importantly, fresh content is good because it will naturally attract the attention of users and help you build organic links.

Even if you don’t run a blog for internet marketing purposes, you should still stop and evaluate the status of your website every now and then. At the end of every month or two, take another look at your site and check to see if everything is still relevant/accurate. Given how rapidly businesses grow, most likely you will find that the content on your website should be updated.

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