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How to Engage with Facebook Fans


If your business is on Facebook, it’s important to engage with your fans. If your fans don’t interact with you posts, you will eventually drop off their news feeds. When your fans do interact with your posts, it creates a conversation and most likely shows up in their news feeds for their friends to see making your content reach a wider audience outside of just your fans.

Here are some tips on how to engage with you Facebook fans:

Post Regularly

Facebook recommends posting at least once or twice a week. Posting every day might bombard your fans, so stick to every few days. Work out a timeline so you know ahead of time what you’re posting. Make a calendar so you can track holidays, important dates for your business and others things you want to be sure to post about. Keep your blog posts in mind, those make good content and can potentially be conversation-worthy pieces.

Keep it Short

Don’t write a lengthy post or status update. Short posts (100-250 characters or 2-3 lines of text) get 60% more likes, comments and shares.

Ask Questions

You know your fans best. What is your audience interested in? Asking questions also makes good conversation.

Post Photos and Videos

Photos are great to use on Facebook, most people prefer to look at pictures than read text, which is why photos get 120% more engagement than your average post. Videos too, attract more users and engagement than your average text post.


Users are attracted to fan pages because of the exclusive content or promotions. Many business offer deals or exclusive promotions that can help gain new more audience members. From there, hopefully you can turn those leads into customers.

Promote Your Posts

There is an option to promote your Facebook posts to maximize your reach and impact. Pages that have 400-100,000 fans will see the Promote button when posting. After you provide credit card details, you can select budget options and evaluate your reach.

Respond to Comments

It’s important to respond to comments and posts on your Facebook page. This is a great opportunity to engage with your customers.

To evaluate your Facebook marketing, make sure to look at Facebook Insights. This can help you track which posts are getting traction (and which aren’t).