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Author: Sean McSpadden

How to Recover from a Google Panda Penalty

Have you noticed a sharp drop in traffic or a noticeable tumble in your search engine rankings? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then there’s a chance
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Using HTTPS Websites to Improve Your SEO

If we had to make a guess, switching your web domain from HTTP to HTTPS sits pretty low on your list of priorities, right? In fact, the thought probably hasn’t
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Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook’s Data Scandal

The convenience of Internet shopping and communication changed what most expect from businesses online. Whether airing a grievance, ordering shoes or hunting for reputable businesses, the Internet lies embedded in
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How to Improve Search Rank with Blogs

New business owners have a tendency to push boundaries, discover alternative methods to solve problems, and sail towards uncharted waters when making their brand a household name. While business owners
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