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Month: October 2013

How to Secure Your Brand Name on Google+

Google released some impressive numbers regarding their social media site Google+.  There are 540 million monthly active Google+ users.  While this means that 540 million people interact with Google+ in
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What is Weebly? Friendly, Functional Web Design

In this digital age, you cannot overstate the importance of a website when it comes to business. In many cases the website is your business, especially as more and more
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What is Rebel Mouse? And How it Can Help Your Social Reach

If you are managing a website one of the goals you will likely have is to entice people into following your social media account(s) so that you can keep them
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Three Reasons Why You Should Use an Editorial Calendar to Plan Content

In some cases even the best website owners and social media strategists fall into bouts of serious writer’s block. Staying on top of your all of your social networks is
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