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Month: July 2013

Reasons to Add the +1 Button to your Website

The +1 is basically Google+’s way of liking something. The button allows users to +1 content that they like, and then share that content through their own Google+ profile. This
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The Impact of SEO on Google+ Hangouts

Up until recently Google+ Hangouts, and Google Talk were their own entities. Google+ Hangouts is a similar service to Skype, but allows for larger audience sizes especially considering users can
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How Google Rewards Quality SEO

When search engines like Google, Yahoo and Alta Vista (R.I.P.) first started indexing the Internet, their algorithms rewarded sites that had many links to them from external sites (that was
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Getting to Know the New Google+ Layout and Features

Not to be outdone by Facebook’s layout redesign that included Graph Search, Google+ recently unveiled the redesign of their own social networking platform. Though Google+ may be considered the third
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What Does The End of Google Reader Mean for My Business Blog?

Google Reader was a tool utilized by wide swaths of people (both in its hey day and at its demise) who used it to consume their favorite content on the
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Reasons to Verify Your Website on Google+

Chances are if you have been on the Google+ page of your favorite website or product, then on the site’s profile page underneath its name you have seen a little
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