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Welcome to Premiere Creative, the #1 YouTube PPC Agency in NJ & NYC. From promoting a specific product or service to increasing your brand’s social media penetration and recognition, Premiere Creative can support every facet of your YouTube Paid advertising strategy. By harnessing a proven data-driven approach to YouTube PPC, Premiere’s ad specialists can keep “qualified” eyes on your brand, exposing prospective customers. A video can help you connect with your target audience during their “research & inspiration” search as they explore YouTube. Given that 91% of communication is visual, YouTube has a greater chance to peak and engage 1st-time viewers.

Backed by nearly three decades of experience with digital marketing and paid ads, Premiere Creative will boost your visibility across YouTube with engaging video content. Moreover, as the leading YouTube PPC agency in New Jersey & New York City, Premiere Creative can help you:

  • Increase video viewing time
  • Capture and drive high intent search traffic to your website
  • Earn more subscribers
  • Build brand awareness
  • See higher video engagement levels

During your YouTube PPC campaign, Premiere Creative will track the progress of your impressions and CTR to maximize the distribution of your budget on the platform.

Build Your Audience. Reach More Viewers. Earn More Sales

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform on the web and the second largest search engine next to its parent company, Google. This, along with its cost-effective advertising platform, makes YouTube one of the most powerful social media channels for building your brand. Premiere Creative will tailor YouTube campaigns to match your unique needs. Our deluxe suite of YouTube advertising services include:

  • YouTube Channel Audit: We will review your Omni-channel marketing strategy to determine how to maximize YouTube Advertising to devise a holistic business strategy
  • Video Content Strategy: If you lack video content, our video production team can storyboard, script, and cast for your video
  • Channel Branding: Premiere can create unique thumbnails, cards, end screens, and other channel art. The result is a cohesive product that looks and feels like the best version of your business.
  • YouTube Ad Strategy & Management: If you’re already using Google Ads and PPC, our experts will sync your YouTube ads with your Google AdWords account
  • Video Optimization / YouTube SEO: Like traditional search engine optimization, YouTube video optimization requires keyword research, optimization of video titles, descriptions, tags, annotations, and more. Premiere’s team will harness our decades of SEO expertise to ensure the right prospects see your videos at the right time on the right device.
  • Robust Monthly Reporting: Premiere Creative optimizes and manages budgets to maximize results in line with your KPIs. We will identify your most efficient cost-per-lead and which ad format produces the highest ROAS.

Which Ad Type Fits into Your YouTube Campaign?

Advantageous for all industries and company sizes, paid YouTube ads will place your videos in front of a highly-target audience among various ad forms to fit your marketing budgets.

Depending on your strategy, Premiere Creative will launch and manage a combination of different ad types, including:

  • Bumper Ads: Six-second (or less), non-skippable video ads that are viewable on mobile and desktop
  • Display Ads: Appearing on the right of the YouTube SERP, these clickable images or animations are only visible for viewers using desktops
  • Non-skippable In-stream Video Ads: An ad format that may appear pre-, mid-, or post-roll while viewing partner content where viewers must watch the ad before they can start or continue with the selected video.
  • Overlay Ads: Semi-transparent banners that take up the bottom portion of the video screen
  • Skippable In-stream Video Ads: YouTube video ads played before, during, or after videos, which users can skip
  • Sponsored Cards: Clickable images that relate to the main content, which only display for a couple of seconds

Grow & Nurture New YouTube Leads with Premiere Creative

Now in our 28th year, Premiere Creative will supercharge your YouTube marketing campaign through collaboration, audience research, constant CTR fine-tuning, and content that resonates with your target audience. Your Premiere Creative YouTube specialist will take your campaign a step further by harnessing our experience and proven expertise in PPC advertising and social media marketing.

The revenue-generating results Premiere Creative has achieved for our clients, along with our holistic process, solidified our position as the top YouTube advertising agency in New Jersey & New York. Dial (973) 346-8100 to discuss your next YouTube ad campaign.


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