While significant emphasis in web design is placed on the creative and content, the information architecture is the foundation and most critical step in rebuilding or developing any website, and in particular one with great website usability and searchability (SEO). Information architecture goes to the structure or organization of your website, how pages relate directly and intuitively to one another and the consistency in which web user’s experience specific pages and the site as a whole.

When we redesign or build a website, Premiere’s initial time and effort is not spent on creative designing, but on the information architecture and structure. Using your existing marketing collateral, competitors’ website, and informal client discussions, we create a graphical site map which attempts to categorize every possible page your new website will require, along with your identifying the navigational structure and utility links. The site map is a blueprint by which both you the client and our design, SEO, and programming staff, will use to clearly outline the size and scope of the future website. This tool is very helpful because Premiere can use it to identify various products and services, think more actively about how users will interact with your site, provide us with all the areas our team needs to research for SEO, determine where keywords and internally linking will be placed, minimize redesigns or alterations to the website (and further client expenditures), and plan for future additions to the website in years to come. Part of the exercise is to get you, the client, thinking deeper about all of the useful content they should present for web viewer’s that may not initially considered.

Typically this process takes about a week and can lead to as many as 2 to 4 interactions.

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