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At Premiere Creative, we tailor our strategies to each client’s unique goals, maximizing the effectiveness of your ad spend on Walmart’s emerging marketplace. Our PPC (Pay Per Click) specialists offer a complete suite of digital solutions, ensuring a robust digital presence for your brand. Leveraging over two decades of expertise, we focus on reducing your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) during Walmart advertising campaigns.

How Does Premiere Creative Enhance Your Walmart Marketplace Experience?

Our unique approach to campaign structure, keyword optimization, and product promotion ensures that your advertising program is aligned with your business objectives. This leads to higher ROI and quicker results without compromising on quality.

Understanding Walmart Marketplace: A Game Changer for E-Commerce

Walmart Marketplace, boasting over 110 million active monthly users, is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform. It offers an opportunity for both small businesses and large-scale enterprises to list products on Walmart’s website. Premiere Creative’s team excels in enhancing product listings and company pages on this platform, solidifying your digital presence and boosting sales.

Why Choose Walmart for Your Business?

The advantages of using Walmart Marketplace include:

  • High Traffic Volumes: An average of 310 million unique users per month.
  • Expansive Customer Base: It’s the second-largest e-commerce platform, just behind Amazon.
  • Lower Competition: Walmart has significantly fewer retailers compared to Amazon, offering a less crowded marketplace.

The Diversity of Walmart Ads: Tailoring to Your Needs

Walmart Marketplace offers various ad formats:

Walmart Performance Ads (WPAs): PPC ads with high visibility. These ads utilize Walmart’s internal algorithm to display products with increased visibility to potential customers browsing the site. WPAs are particularly effective for boosting visibility of specific products, leading to higher click-through rates and potential sales. They are ideal for sellers looking to highlight key products in their inventory.

  • Native Banner Ads: These ads appear at the top of relevant category pages. Native Banner Ads are excellent for brand recognition and product discovery. They place products in a prime location, catching the attention of customers who are already interested in similar categories.
  • Catapult Ads: Highlight products as “Featured Items” at the top of listings. Products are highlighted at the top of item listings and labeled as “Featured Item.” This format is designed to catapult specific products to the forefront, making them the first options customers see in a category. It’s beneficial for new product launches or promoting bestsellers.
  • Site Search Feature Ads: Promote brands through related product pages. These ads promote products through related product pages. By linking your products to related searches, these ads increase the chance of discovery by customers who are already interested in similar items. They are effective in driving traffic from one product page to another within your brand.

Strategic Use of Ad Formats

The strategic use of these diverse ad formats can significantly impact a seller’s success on Walmart Marketplace. By carefully selecting the right type of ad for each product, sellers can enhance visibility, attract more traffic, and ultimately, increase sales. Understanding the strengths and best applications of each format allows for a more targeted and effective advertising approach.

Tailored Advertising Solutions

At Premiere Creative, we specialize in crafting tailored advertising solutions using these varied ad formats. Our team assesses your product range, target audience, and marketing goals to determine the most effective combination of ad formats. This customized approach ensures that each of your products receives the optimal level of exposure and engagement on Walmart Marketplace.

Why Use Walmart?

With more than 90 million products listed on the Marketplace, Walmart has a colossal impact on brand recognition and purchases. If you are looking for an innovative way of promoting your products and services, Walmart Marketplace will help generate more leads and boost your revenue. By using Walmart’s Marketplace, businesses will enjoy benefits such as:

  • High Volumes of Traffic: Walmart’s eCommerce store produces an average of 310 million unique users per month.
  • A Massive Customer Base: Walmart Marketplace is the second-largest eCommerce platform, falling just behind Amazon.
  • Less Competition: Walmart has 33,000 retailers while Amazon lists more than 2 million vendors, resulting in far less competition.

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The Different Types of Walmart Ads

On the Walmart Marketplace, retailers have four different ad formats to choose from, including:

  • Walmart Performance Ads (WPAs) is a pay-per-click (PPC) choice that helps businesses advertise a product to shoppers on Walmart’s website. Using its internal algorithm, Walmart Marketplace will serve up adverts with elevated visibility.
  • Native Banner Ads showcase businesses at the top of related category pages
  • Catapult Ads allow sellers to highlight specific products by having them appear at the top of item listens, labeled “Featured Item”
  • Site Search Feature Ads let sellers promote their brand through related product pages

Walmart Advertising Services at Premiere Creative

Our proprietary Walmart Advertising services give your brand an edge over competitors with efficient campaign management and detailed reports. By partnering with Premiere Creative, you’ll have access to robust services including:

  • Monthly Analytics: The Premiere team generates customized reports based on the KPIs that matter most to your business. Our team will also monitor traffic (Buyer visits) levels to your product listings, track & optimize on-page conversion rates.
  • BuyBox Monitoring: Our team will track all BuyBox winners, 3P Sellers & BuyBox prices for your inventory on Walmart.
  • Content Optimization: Premiere’s team of seasoned writers will generate product-specific content that will drive more enhanced experiences on your Walmart listing.
  • Walmart SEO: Using best-in-class practices, Premiere will optimize your product listings, analyze your brand’s organic visibility, and measure results at the keyword-level.

From account setup and product inventory management to storefront optimization and branding, the Premiere Creative team will handle all aspects of your Walmart advertising efforts.

Let Premiere Creative Help Launch Your Walmart Advertising Campaign

Properly setting up, optimizing, and monitoring Walmart Sponsored Product advertising can yield dramatic sales results. But success with Walmart requires analytics, time, and expert strategy.

Our comprehensive packages can help your brand scale up on Walmart through effective advertising management, creating content and media designed for conversions, and refining your operations program.

Once Premiere Creative begins managing your Walmart advertising campaign, we’ll customize deliverables, help you reach campaign objectives, reduce your ACoS, and analyze areas of improvement for future campaign launches. Dial (973) 346-8100 today to schedule a meeting with one of our Walmart marketing experts.


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