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Amplify Your eCommerce Brand with Tailored Messaging from Octane AI

Now in our 28th year, Premiere Creative – the #1 email marketing agency in NJ & NYC – helps clients accelerate and increase Facebook and Instagram revenues with Octane AI. Today email open rates of 20-25% are considered good. However with Octane AI, you can have open rates between 80-95% of with your Facebook and Instagram follower who opt in to your messages. As eCommerce transactions continue to surge, retail brands need to expand better connect with those customers who don’t subscribe to their emails newsletters to engage them on their preferred communication channel.

Brands that prioritize Messenger and SMS as marketing channels create a real-time shopping experience where they can convert 1st time buyers while increasing Average Order Value (AOV) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) on existing customers. With email marketing servicing a specific segment of your customer base, let Premiere Creative harnesses the advanced conversational two-way messaging tool of Octane AI to reach deeper into your social media following. Let Premiere Creative automated your flows where we send the right message to the right people, at the right time.

What is Octane AI?

Founded in 2016, and used by more than 1,000 eCommerce brands to connect with their clientele, Octane AI is a Messenger and SMS marketing platform built for eCommerce stores, which allows for seamless integration with third-party platforms, like Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Other Octane AI integrations include Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Reamaze, and ReCharge. Through a combination of automation and artificial intelligence Octane AI allows business to automatically initiate two-way conversations in response to customer actions, inactions and inquiries.

Grow Your Audience with Octane AI

Octane AI powers branded, customizable quizzes for Shopify that collect contact information and dynamically lead customers to a recommended set of products or content (recommend one product, a selection or a personalized bundle). All data (answers, revenue, opt-ins) gets tracked and can sync with Shopify, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Facebook ads, Klaviyo & more.

What Features Does Octane AI Offer?

Octane AI is a fast-moving startup that releases features non-stop, so expect new features to continue to roll out. Octane AI currently offers the following features:

  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Sponsored Messages
  • College data from Facebook Messenger and SMS
  • SMS cart abandonment, SMS broadcasts, Messenger Flows
  • Conversational Ads
  • Automated Customer Support
  • Easy Integrations with Popular Apps

The Benefits of Using Octane AI

Octane AI has the most eCommerce specific flows of any Messenger platform, including abandon cart, browse abandonment, welcome series, win backs, post-purchase flows, and other automation flows you need to convert your social media followers. Other benefits include:

  • Easy Integration: With Octane AI’s functionality and user interface, Premiere can have your first Facebook Messenger chatbot up and running quickly.
  • Streamlined Analytics: Understand your audience better with helpful insights like customer acquisition, advertising, retargeting and customer support tools that drive 2x increases in ROAS.
  • Post-purchase Updates: Keep customers in the loop with order confirmation, shipping updates, and custom flows triggered by a customer’s data and actions.
  • Customizable Pop-Ups: Create triggered pop-ups at various stages of the customer’s journey (Add to Cart, Welcome Pop Up, Exit Pop Up, etc.)

Using eCommerce Quizzes for Advanced Personalization

Advanced eCommerce personalization involves data to share relevant, actionable and interesting content and products that enhance a customer’s eCommerce shopping experience. When done correctly, personalization drives more conversions, builds stronger brand loyalty, and increases customer retention.

When you build deep customer connections, customers will think of your brand first when they need to purchase a specific product. A Shop Quiz is an on-site tool that asks customers about their likes, dislikes, preferences and needs. With every question answered, the quiz calculates which products in your catalog are best suited for that customer’s needs, so it can recommend a product, bundle of products or content to help that specific customer.

Helpful Octane AI Services – Open Your DTC eCommerce Store Today

At Premiere Creative, we partner with countless DTC eCommerce clients to help them strengthen their customer connections and driving more revenues. In a saturated market, you need experts in your corner to drive sales and make increase your online awareness and penetration. Through Octane AI, Premiere can grow your conversational lists of followers. With opted in followers in hand, Premiere can engage with campaigns that drive transactions.

Premiere Creative’s exhaustive digital marketing services can help you improve ROI and rethink your eCommerce marketing strategy. Dial (973) 346-8100 to learn more about how Premiere Creative’s Octane AI services can help your brand.


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