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Premiere Creative knows how difficult it can be to differentiate your business in the highly competitive NYC & NJ area. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we use our expertise and creativity to implement Omni-channel marketing strategies that create unique value for your business. In a competitive market, local SEO can make your business stand out from the crowd and surpass competitors.

A high ranking on the search engine result page (SERP) can boost the chance of generating qualified leads that convert into sales. Premiere Creative specializes in SEO and develops high-performing local keyword-targeted campaigns tailored to your business’s revenue streams.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO improves your business’s visibility on a search engine and provides more opportunities to connect with prospective clients using geo-specific search queries. Where and how your information appears in the SERP can mark the difference between a customer choosing your brand over a competitor’s. Strong local rank is essential for businesses that operate in a specific geography who want to gain a competitive edge with increased brand awareness.

Premiere Creative optimizes your online presence through various local SEO strategies. Premiere helps you attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and attain qualified leads. Not only does local SEO improve your ranking, the process of optimizing provides a multitude of benefits such as heightened engagement on social sites and a better user experience on your website.

Important Local SEO Ranking Factors

Several factors determine how your website will rank in local search queries, such as RelevanceProximity, and Prominence.


Google decides the relevancy of your business based on the information it collects from your websites, reviews, internal and inbound links, keywords, social media accounts, and landing page content. This information includes your name, address, and phone number (NAP), as well as hours, directions, descriptions, and other citations. Google decides whether the user’s search query is relevant to the services your business provides. Premiere assesses all aspects of your website to improve relevancy using keywords, content, and business services that help achieve your business’s goals.


Google displays tailored searches depending on a user’s current location. It does not make sense to show results for a coffee shop in Boston if you are searching from New York City. Therefore, it is important to have your address and other geographic areas displayed consistently on your website, social media accounts, and other online content.


Google considers the authenticity and popularity of your business when generating results.

  • Are there raving online reviews on your website from Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Bing, and Google My Business?
  • Do you interact with consumers online?
  • Do you create compelling and informative content?
  • Is your website and landing pages organized logically and easy to navigate?
  • Local SEO is about creating an online presence that reflects the unique value of your business. The experts at Premiere implement digital strategies that improve your organic rankings for local search intent.

Optimizing Rank and Improving Local Visibility

Now that you know how Google determines rank, here are the steps Premiere takes to optimize your local SEO.

Google My Business (GMB) Audits & Optimization

First, you will need to claim and verify your Google Local listing. Setting up a Google My Business account is essential to improve your visibility in local searches. Premiere then enhances your account to share important information that will show up on the knowledge panel. The knowledge panel provides essential information such as NAP, hours, product & service descriptions, posts, external citations from directories, customer reviews, links to website landing pages, social media accounts, blogs, and more.

The goal is for Google to verify your business as relevant, prominent, and in proximity. To achieve a higher organic ranking, respond to positive and negative reviews, include links to your business’s socials, post consistent information often, use relevant keywords in the description, posts, URLs, and create engaging content. Learn how our experts strategize for ultimate GMB performance with Premiere Creative’s Google My Business Optimization services.

Engaging Content for Local SEO

Creating and linking new content on GMB and your website is an effective method for engaging with users. This also gives search engines more opportunities to find relevant information to a user’s search query. Including keywords in title tags, landing page URLs, and within blog posts improves your relevancy and therefore visibility.

Creating GEO-specific content will ultimately strengthen your dominance in your area. Premiere writes content that is both SEO-friendly and specific to local users to improve SEO. The strategic content serves two purposes – to draw the attention of search engines and build meaningful relationships with consumers.

Website Optimization for Local Search

Your website must have a clear architecture and easy-to-understand navigation. This can improve the relevancy of the information that you provide. It is important to make your pages specific to the topic, without repeating the same content from other pages.

At Premiere Creative, we understand organizing your website and creating content that flows naturally is tricky. We focus on the intuitive organization of your landing pages and creating SEO-friendly content that will get you noticed in a local search.

Community Outreach

Building relationships with other local businesses, government affiliations, nonprofits, and local organizations relevant to your business increases visibility and engagement. This creates opportunities to provide inbound links, likes, social media shares, posts, reviews, and other citations from reputable sources. This can drastically improve relevancy and ranking on the SERP and lead customers to your business from multiple avenues.

Improve Local SEO with Premiere Creative

As New Jersey’s No.1 digital marketing agency, the Premiere Creative team will take your local SEO to the next level through a comprehensive strategy based on keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO copywriting, and building quality backlinks.

With compelling content creation, effective competitive research, and years of experience with SEO strategy, Premiere will kick start your online presence, generate leads, and build long-lasting customer relationships. Contact our renowned SEO team to discover how Premiere’s elite local SEO services can help your business dominate local search queries. Dial (973) 346-8100 today.


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