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Every brand has a unique story to tell, and our Influencer Marketing agency can help tell yours. At Premiere Creative in Millburn NJ, our team of digital marketing experts leverages decades of combined experience to tell brand stories in value adding and engaging ways. This philosophy applies to our strategic approach to paid media, SEO, email marketing, and especially in influencer marketing. Influencers are users on any given platform with sizable following.

Influencer marketing is the process by which agencies and brands leverage the audiences of influential individuals to drive engagement. Premiere Creative’s in-house influencer marketing team includes strategists, project managers, developers, analysts, and social media gurus ready to support your brand with unique, cutting edge ideas for influencer marketing campaigns.

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The first step toward an effective influencer marketing initiative involves gaining insight into your business and target audiences. Through research and data analysis, Premiere Creative’s team of influencer marketing experts will work with you to understand your business, identify your target customers’ needs, affinities, and build your brand on preferred social media platforms. We then begin building an effective influencer marketing strategy to engage and reach worldwide audiences through bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers.

The Premiere Creative team will contact influential social media users on the platforms where your target customers are most active, draft uniquely branded content for the campaign, and identify social KPIs that will allow us to measure your influencer campaign’s success. Rest assured, Premiere Creative will guide you through every step of the process (learning, planning, deployment, and measurement), ensuring success and increased ROI as a result.

Using captivating & ROI-Focused Influencer Marketing Campaigns for Brand Building

Premiere Creative employs data insights and real-time tracking to ensure success through Omni-channel influencer marketing campaigns. Our team of social media analysts will monitor your social activity over the course of the influencer marketing campaign to ensure that our efforts are having the desired impact on audience engagement, brand value, and sales. If we are falling short anywhere, we will take immediate steps to optimize and right the ship.

KPI identification and benchmarking are at the center of this entire process. Our analysts will monitor your campaigns to better understand what worked, and identify places where efforts fell short. Premiere Creative will not have succeeded in this initiative unless it has had a measurable impact on your ROI. This attitude is what allows us to enjoy fruitful relationships as the AOR for countless clients.

Reaching Worldwide Audiences – Premiere Creative’s Influencer Marketing Services

At Premiere Creative, we pride ourselves on an ability to remain at the cutting edge of modern digital marketing techniques. We’re passionate about what we do, and are constantly working to understand and master the latest in digital marketing trends.

As consumer attention continues to fragment across a growing number of new social media platforms, you’re going to need experts in your corner to help deploy effective messaging to your target customers. If you’re a company using social media, search, YouTube, and other digital platforms to acquire leads, drive sales, and grow your brand’s value online, Premiere will help you focus your energy in the right directions. We build businesses. Let us grow yours today. Call our Millburn office at (973) 346-8100 to discover more about our influencer marketing capabilities.


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