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Brands videos (SBv)

Sponsored Brands video

Advertising begins by instantly delivering value to the shopper, by answering the question ‘why should I pay attention?’ The video then presents a brief and intriguing story about the product, concluding with a memorable brand expression.

These ads are easily digestible, providing information that generates excitement and interest in products and brands. While the brand DNA and product messaging are always central to the idea of the ad, the primary focus is on capturing the shopper’s attention within the first 0 to 3 seconds.

SBv Immutable Tenants

  • Give the shopper a reason to care within the first 0-3 secs 
  • Always assume the shopper will never turn the sound on (<5%)
  • Anything past 0:15 seconds is never seen
  • Shoppers don’t read. Limit on-screen text to only what is most important
  • Save sizes, dimensions, and other details for the product detail page
  • Avoid using white. SBv ads need to “pop!” off the white search page
  • On-screen text needs to be large and easy to read on a mobile device
  • Always include a CTA…even when you don’t want to

Remember: The job of creating meaningful connections through video belongs to the brand, their teams, and their agency.

What Makes an Effective Video for SBv?

The most effective ads for SBv do not look like TV commercials; they’re not talking head reviews, unboxing, or instructional videos. They’re the ads that answer questions before they’re asked and let shoppers know how good they’ll feel once a product has solved their problem.

 Shoppers on Amazon don’t care about special effects, artistic edits, or subtleties that need decoding…they like short, simple, and direct videos by brands that make decision making easier.

The Best Way to Drive Add-to-Cart Sales

A highly relevant low-budget ad will always outperform an irrelevant high-budget ad. Video advertising is still the best way to reach shoppers. Never settle for less when more is possible.