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Amazon Analytics: Exclusive Sales Data for Concise Amazon Targeting

The rapid ascent of Amazon Advertising mirrors’s significant impact on American consumer habits. With Amazon becoming a primary destination for online shopping, a large portion of shoppers regularly turn to it over other platforms like Google. This trend not only reflects Amazon’s market dominance but also underscores the wealth of detailed consumer data it gathers.

For advertisers, this means access to a treasure trove of precise and actionable shopping data. When a customer selects a product on Amazon, this choice provides a wealth of insights – from brand preference to spending habits. This data enables advertisers to craft highly targeted campaigns with precision, leveraging Amazon’s analytics for strategic decisions in Sponsored Product campaigns or larger Amazon store endeavors. Such data-driven strategies enhance ROI, ROAS, and ACoS, making Amazon a goldmine for marketers.

At Premiere Creative, we specialize in harnessing this data to fuel success in Amazon’s diverse advertising landscape, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon Stores.

For a deeper dive into Amazon Advertising’s array of products and how they can benefit your business, reach out to the experts at Premiere Creative.

Amazon Sponsored Products – Keyword Types and Targeting Methods

As Amazon Advertising specialists, Premiere Creative offers expert guidance to help clients optimize their advertising efforts and lower their ACoS, particularly through the strategic use of Sponsored Products ads. These ads are a cornerstone of any robust Amazon advertising strategy, renowned for their effectiveness in boosting product visibility and incremental sales. Displayed in search results and on product pages, these ads operate on a pay-per-click model and are targeted through keyword bidding. This targeting can be manual, offering advertisers direct control over keyword selection, CPC (COST PER CLICK) rates, and budget allocation, or automatic, where Amazon’s algorithms select relevant keywords. Premiere Creative employs a comprehensive approach by integrating both manual and automatic targeting strategies, ensuring a thorough optimization process that maximizes campaign effectiveness and reach. This methodology not only covers all bases but also tailors campaigns to meet specific client goals, driving significant improvements in visibility and sales outcomes on Amazon.

What are the three-keyword match types?

  • Broad Match Keywords: Trigger ads for searches including the keyword, regardless of order or misspellings. E.g., “red shoes” triggers ads for any search with those words.
  • Phrase Match Keywords: Display ads when the exact phrase is searched, with word order mattering. E.g., “Yankees Cap” targets searches like “Snapback Yankees Cap,” but not “Yankees hat.”
  • Exact Match Keywords: The most specific targeting, showing ads only when the exact phrase bid on is searched. E.g., “Yankees Hat” will only trigger ads for that specific search term.

Amazon Sponsored Product ads are incredible for driving incremental sales, increasing the discoverability of your Buy Box offers, and driving up ROAS while decreasing ACoS. It offers both automatic and manual keyword bidding that Premiere uses in tandem to produce optimal media outcomes. The key for manual bidding is doing thorough keyword research and bidding on a combination of high and low volume keywords. The key for automatic bidding is ensuring your product detail pages are as thoroughly filled out as possible. Premiere Creative’s team of digital marketing experts has up-to-the-minute experience running efficient, high ROI Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns for many eCommerce clients.

Premiere’s Approach to Amazon Sponsored Brand Campaigns

Amazon Sponsored Brand ads are similar to Amazon Sponsored Product ads in several ways. Before Amazon decided to place all of its marketing products under the umbrella “Amazon Advertising,” these ad units were referred to as “Amazon Headline Search” ads and were a function within AMS (Amazon Marketing Services). Sponsored Brand units appear as banner ads on Amazon search results pages. Like Sponsored Product ads, Sponsored Brand ads are driven by keyword bidding.

The differences between sponsored brands and sponsored products are robust. A sponsored brand ad unit is the first thing consumers interact with when they search for something on Amazon Marketplace. They populate as a row along the very top of an Amazon search results page. Unlike Amazon Sponsored Products ads, Amazon Sponsored Brand ads allow advertisers to display photos and product information for multiple products (up to 3 unique ASINS, or Amazon Standard Identification Number).

Another key difference between sponsored brands and sponsored products concerns the keyword types against which advertisers can bid.

1) Branded product keywords

Branded product keywords are a combination of your brand’s name and a product that you sell. Let’s say you’re working for Cuisinart. Your marketing goal is to drive traffic to 3 product detail pages for Cuisinart products using a single Amazon Sponsored Brand ad. Your creative would include links to each product page, photos, and descriptions for each product. 2) Complimentary product keywords

Complimentary product keywords are bundles of two related products that impact each other’s demand. If I’m selling Salt on Amazon, complimentary product keywords ensure that I’m bidding on “pepper” as well as “salt.”

2) Sponsored Products automatic targeting keywords

This match type only applies if you have run Sponsored Product campaigns for the products you’re now promoting via Amazon Sponsored Brands. The algorithm identifies success-driving keywords from your Sponsored Products campaign and bids against them for your Sponsored Brands.

Using Amazon Sponsored Brand campaigns, brands can promote three unique products simultaneously, customize images and headlines, optimize landing pages, and conduct thorough analysis around all of these elements by using Amazon Advertising’s robust suite of data analytics products.

When it comes to best practices for Amazon Sponsored Brand campaigns, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

3) Amazon Sponsored Campaign Creative

should feature your three top-performing products. Placing top-performing products in your Sponsored Brands Campaign increases the volume of clicks and sales on your landing pages. Another important tip is to list each product’s top benefit in the ad’s headline. A large percentage of online shopping orders on Amazon derive from mobile users, so putting your best foot forward is critical. Finally, always avoid claiming that your product is a “top seller” or “#1.” Your ad will not get approved if such claims are made in your copy.

3) Landing page testing

Landing pages for sponsored ads can either link out your Amazon Store or to a dedicated product details page. Consider testing different landing pages and seeing what works best.
Familiarize Amazon shoppers with your brand today: contact Premiere Creative about Amazon Sponsored Brand campaigns.

Amazon Stores – Elevating Your Brand on the World's Leading eCommerce Platform

Amazon Stores epitomize a cutting-edge approach to digital marketing and eCommerce. This free service enables brands to construct an immersive, brand-centric online storefront within the vast Amazon ecosystem. With features tailored for both desktop and mobile users, Amazon Stores offer an unparalleled shopping experience that not only highlights your brand’s unique value proposition but also enhances its visibility and appeal on one of the world’s most visited online marketplaces.

In today’s digital marketplace, establishing a strong brand presence on Amazon is paramount for success. As New Jersey’s premier Amazon agency, Premiere Creative has harnessed the power of Amazon Stores to propel brands to new heights of visibility and sales. This innovative service offers a unique opportunity for brands to create multi-page, customized sites within, providing a dynamic platform to showcase their products and brand story to millions of shoppers worldwide.


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