Social Media Marketing

In addition to web searches, many people turn to their business and social networks as a means of finding information.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. can become valuable tools in your content marketing strategy because they have the ability to create customer loyalty, generate more sales, greatly improve search engine optimization, drive traffic, and can add customer acquisition through ‘private’ reward programs and special events.

Using an omni-channel approach to social media marketing, Premiere Creative will aggressively manage and monitor your social media in a variety of ways in order to best promote you to your target audience and keep your brand in the forefront of their online activity.

Omni-Channel Promotion on Social Networks

  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other relevant social networks
  • Leverage the content being created for your site to further your reach through social media outlets
  • Encourage your current customer base to interact with your page, and promote those interactions to let their contacts know that they support your brand
  • Promotion on social media, social bookmarking
  • Blogs platform, optimization, and posting
  • Research and identify related sites and promote on those forums

As web marketing evolves, Social Media remains at its forefront. Social media marketing can: 

  1. Build your brand
  2. Engage the community
  3. Create content
  4. Reinforce SEO
  5. Go viral

Premiere achieves these goals in a variety of methods:

On location ~ retailer/event, talking to customers, uploading their experiences to twitter/Facebook along with photos and videos

Web competitions ~ promos for customers to transact either online, in store, create content or join social media account.

Generate Revenues ~ selling more products thru e-/retailers, events, remarketers.

Go to market ~ insider looks at new fashion lines and gaining market feedback.

Build Content ~ URL page contests, Facebook contests, slam downs, namings, best stories, photos, essay contests, dressing naming contests, and many others.

Add users – thru competitions that promote winning, referrals, retweets and free products.

Random acts of kindness ~ rewards of product, access, events, or paraphernalia.

Creating a buzz – making content that your PR agency can spread.

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