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Web marketing offers the financial accounting that marketers and entrepreneurs need to properly run a business. For almost 2 decades Premiere has been providing hundreds of clients with traditional advertising programs that, honestly, are very hard to measure. Who knows if a consumer ad really delivers new sales leads or revenues with an ROI, how do we know that  TV/Radio ads are actually having an effect on our top line revenues for our clients. Web marketing knows; it knows down to the very minutest detail. Web marketing is the “bean counter” dream.

Marketers, entrepreneurs, and our agency want to know that our web programs have a top line and bottom line effect. Premiere provides each of our clients on a monthly basis with hard data that demonstrates a wide variety of results:

• time on site
• bounce rate
• number of visitors and how often they re-visit
• where they live
• how they found you, what keywords or sites drove them there
• what pages they look and what they ignore and much more

For most of our clients we typically provide at least (4) reports each month including an analytics report of their website (and/or social media campaigns), a ranking analysis of where they appear in each search engine, for which keywords, and their rank (plus up or down for the month), a local traffic report within various local platforms, and a 1-2 page white paper write up which summarizes Premiere’s activities for the month, the results, comparative results from previous months, and forwarding looking actions to be taken for improvement and growth.

This hard, factual, non sense data is what enables our client’s to feel committed to their relationship and to begin to more wisely invest and increase activities on the web ~ because it’s not based on opinion or speculation, but on objective results.

Search Engine Optimization:


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Rank Vs. Traffic

Site Tracking/Metrics Analytics

We’re an ROAS-driven digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Amazon Advertising, Email Retention, and Influencer Marketing.

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