Sales Consulting and Training

Through our sales training and coaching programs, Premiere Creative focuses on the sales representative as a key influencer. Centered around knowledge, accountability, and empowerment, we guide sales teams through a graduated process that engages each representative to explore the challenges and solutions that make selling a successful endeavor. The curriculum is designed specifically with your business and sales goals in mind, and areas of focus may include the customer journey, SWOT analysis, sales process, key talking points, and role playing.

For businesses seeking to clarify sales strategy, implement technology to maximize performance, or improve sales analysis, we offer sales consulting services. We begin with expert analysis of your strategies, accounts, and assignments and work with you to implement recommendations that will yield measurable impact. All work is aligned with your business objectives. Areas of focus include:

• Account Strategy and Management
• Revenue and Account Analysis
• Strategic Account Allocation
• Goal and Target Setting
• Revenue Forecasting
• KPI Development
• Prospecting Strategy
• Sales Messaging
• Negotiation Consulting
• Partnership Development

Contact Premiere Creative at (973) 346-8100 or fill out our contact form to discuss how our sales consulting, training, and coaching services can improve your sales performance.

Our specialty is the integration of design, web usability, video, PR and social media with traditional advertising.

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