Common concerns clients have asked about

The first obstacle is NOT if SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works, but whether you, the client, feel retaining Premiere is the right decision. Premiere Creative did not invent SEO and it clearly works (look at all the competitors you have who are trying to rank on the first page on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). We cannot guarantee you will get a specific rank or number of clients (beware of anyone who does!), but Premiere can guarantee your site will rank. Your site will rank for many different keywords and will eventually appear on page 1 for different keyword terms. Will that lead to clients? Yes! Could it yield 3-4 a month? Maybe, but consistently with all our clients, Premiere would expect inquiries of that level on an active basis within a few months. Nor would we be surprised if it were 3x, 16x, or 85x that many as the program progresses, but only time will tell. Finally, many factors are involved in why some clients have exponential results, including but not limited to their monthly budget with Premiere, the industry they are in, the amount of demand or supply for their product or service, the pricing/fee for their products/services, the size, and quality of their website, the web usability of their URL, their competition levels, and more. If Premiere could tell you what would happen (guarantee), you would not be our client ~ we would be too busy controlling the internet.

Premiere has designed and placed thousands of print ads in the last 17 years in consumer or trade magazines and newspapers for clients. A full-page color ad might cost $1,500 to $12,000+ per month. We’ve seen many clients embark on this path and generate new leads per month from the media effort. While keeping your brand within the consumer’s mind is important, with a search engine optimized website, Premiere can generate thousands (or tens of thousands) of visitors per month for the same budget. When we do the math on a small scale for the above budget, we see two things:

  • Traditional advertising: 3 leads at $500/lead.
  • Web: 500 leads at $3/lead.

The math is straightforward: more volume of leads will result in lower costs per lead. Statistically and financially, this gives you a stronger ROI (Return on Investment) and a greater chance of generating more revenue.

Web marketing is statistics 101. Let’s say your website has 400 visitors/month and that creates 10 new customers per month for your business (2.5% conversation rate). Now you engage in a highly articulated web marketing program geared to bring in more “warm,” ready for nurturing, leads. The new program helps you now generate 2,000 visitors per month to your website. Those additional 1,600 leads are better quality “potential” clients because Premiere targets your customer’s specific interests with keywords that correlate to their searches. Therefore, we expect two things to occur because of your more articulate web marketing program.

  • Higher conversion rates of new customers than the original (2.5%) conversion
  • A greater number of overall sales because of the volume of visitors.

At 2,000 visitors/month to your website, assuming your conversion rate remained at 2.5%, your conversion rate would yield 50 customers, 40 more than the original 10 you were getting. However, since the web marketing program is more focused, the conversion rate should be higher at say, a 3% conversion, which creates 60 new customers per month, an additional 10 more than anticipated.


Traditional advertising (T.V., radio, outdoor signage, direct mail, consumer and trade ads, newspapers, etc.) was the staple of our client services for more than 17 years. The problem, however, if you are a small business, is ridiculously hard to stand out in a world of 4,200 marketing messages per day (research shows the general consumer is targeted all day long). Small businesses don’t have Nike, GE, Victoria’s Secret, or Coke budgets. You need to think aggressively about your website and make it visible using internet marketing, so it becomes viable. By viable we mean producing sales leads and revenue streams.

Everyone uses the Internet, social networking dominates the landscape, and it does not matter who you are. People buy things online, they read about news and sports, they follow their hobbies, read blogs, use Facebook, and do thousands of other things. If you need to know something, you research it on the net. The challenge is to understand WHERE your prospects and clients spend time online, what they are interested in, and how to better target them using search engine marketing. When you hire Premiere, we do just that, laser in on prospects and use keywords to start turning them on to your site, brand, products, and services so you can sell them and make new revenues and relationships.

We love word-of-mouth referrals; it’s been good for our business too. But it’s really the slowest form of organic growth because it relies on others to talk about your business, products, and services. Referrals and word-of-mouth techniques apply very well to the internet, they are not unique. Premiere can begin promoting your good name, services, and products so that reviews appear not just on your site or a local platform, but on hundreds of platforms across the internet. Do not wait for the referral to come to you. Let us start promoting and sharing it, so prospective customers can find it, feel good about it, and take the action to call you, visit your site, email you, etc.

Revenues can grow in any economy

If they cannot find you, they cannot buy from you, but they are buying from your competition (who they can find). Therefore, the first thing Premiere does with all clients—before we do any form of search engine marketing—involves helping them understand and identify where their revenue stream comes from currently, where it could come from, and how to get there. We do this by looking at data that search engines provide about traffic flows, keywords searches, established competitors, etc. While this may seem obvious, 9 out of 10 times, after talking with clients, we find significant differences between what the client has in mind, versus what the client does, and what the client’s marketing materials and website project or fail to project. Perception is reality. Often, Premiere will fix or modify your content; then, we can start the process of getting you into those areas on the internet that can produce new leads, transactions, and revenues. One of the best ways to enjoy stellar SEO results involves creating great content that your audiences will enjoy.

Most of our clients, as the content marketing program begins to take shape and solidify, have an ROI of 12X to 250X (wide range, bigger budgets). If the client is spending $2,000 a month, most of our clients are generating at least $20,000/month or more (some over a million) in gross revenues each month. Some of our largest clients are reporting more than a few thousand new customers per month, whereas our small business clients are telling us 10 to 20 new clients per month. We have some clients spending less than $1,000 per month generating 62X ROI, and other clients spending $10,000 a month generating $400,000. Every client is different, but every client we have agrees that it works, and they want more results (phase 2 of the relationship, bigger is better).

You need marketing collateral, logos, your website, your microsites, your other sales channels, etc. that make your company, product, and services look serious and professional. When you spend the money and invest in your business, it makes you more appealing to consumers at every level. It’s not enough to have a website, it must be well designed, articulate, with good structure, and easy to navigate – even blog marketing is necessary. Mediocrity is expensive, so don’t be surprised if you must spend more or pay another designer or developer to redo what was already created. For example, one of the biggest challenges in web-based marketing is to drive qualified traffic to a website (SEO or blogging). All too often the sites don’t really convey the right image or material, so CONVERTING that lead (web visitor) is challenging. If you spent $2,000 or $5,000 to build an uninformative website with only 5 pages, would you be interested in working, hiring, or buying from such a company? Make the commitment to invest in your business and customers will too.

Online vs. offline and how do they successfully connect

86% of all people first turn to the web when they need any type of information, whether that is for navigation, informational, or transactional. When you build a full-scale website (30 pages or more), you can fully inform and educate potential customers about every facet of your business. Good web design shortens the sales cycle, gains consumer or businesses’ trust, and demonstrates quality and expertise. Premiere knows from experience that having an appropriate website leads to many forms of engagements with customers including phone calls, email inquiries seeking appointments or more information, unique dialogues, views on videos, participating in social media, and much more – all measurable and important in leading from online actions to offline interactions. You do not have to sell online to educate and engage customers, but if your competitors are doing it, why wouldn’t you?

Not a problem, that’s why you are hiring Premiere. We develop the information structure tied to your revenue streams, build the site, focus on the web usability, write the copy, do the SEO each month, and ghostwrite the blogs ~ with your approval. It doesn’t matter that we may not be fully knowledgeable about your industry – we don’t know that much about medical malpractice, wedding dresses, entertaining 30 children for a birthday, how to plant roses, or why Botox makes you look better, which is why we research extensively during the blog writing process. That’s why Premiere Creative needs you to read what we craft and sign off for accuracy. Your goal is to run your business, not become a web marketer.

That’s a shame, but it is not an indication of the web’s failure to produce. It’s an indication that you may have chosen the “wrong” agency to help you. That agency may have lacked the appropriate web design skills, chosen the wrong strategy, or could not execute the appropriate and necessary ideas. Many people dated before they married. Most everyone in the world fell off their bike more than a few times when they were learning how to ride, but most people can ride well as adults. We don’t give up just because we didn’t find the right partner or failed the first time we were not successful at a task. Bad experiences or the wrong experience is not an implication of a system failure. Try a keyword or term in Google that applies to your business. Do you see your company in the results? That’s the failure Premiere wants to fix and the sooner the better.

Common Misconceptions

Absolutely, SEO takes time for several reasons. Search engines don’t look at your website every day, so most websites get indexed every 4 to 6 weeks (Page rank of 0 or 1). Work must be done to stimulate that process both on-page and off-page SEO. Further, search engines are wary of sites that get hundreds of SEO backlinks overnight (think link farms). A methodical process needs to be in place, backlinks need to be manually created with appropriate anchor text, and most importantly, be fine-tuned. All too often the keywords clients think are important don’t produce quality traffic, they just give you a good rank. Superior results for most small businesses start to happen around month 3 or 4 of a web program, but are stronger at months 6 through 8, and accelerate from month 9 and beyond. Have clients reported revenues and success early on? Yes, but this is a basic guideline, where each instance is different and unique because of factors like page count, web design usability, number of competitors, geography, and more.

See: my customers do not spend time online. Does not matter rich or poor, middle class or royalty, the web is universally accepted as the DeFacto for navigational, informational, or transactional sources of information. People are looking, but they will not find you; instead, they find your competitors and transact/with them. Why should you unintentionally give revenues to your competition?

The cost is relative. When you look at Premiere’s service relative to the revenues it will generate monthly and the profit you, our client, will retain, typically it can be as small as 1-3 new customers per month to see a healthy ROI. Premiere’s goal is never this modest, of course. Sometimes, clients look at the costs of web marketing planning and are dismayed because they have genuinely felt what they did in the past was just as opportunistic or would produce desired results. Premiere’s clients are satisfied and excited by our relationship because Premiere’s programs have consistently produced quantifiable quality traffic and revenues and new relationships. Of course, you can always throw money at the problem (hire a new salesperson), but that’s typically far more expensive, significantly less productive, and adds to your already burdened managerial workload. Let us rephrase your original question: What is my alternative? If you, the marketing director, or business owner, do not do anything, what will change in your business? Will you get more accounts or clients simply by word-of-mouth? Do you believe the economy is going to change this year or next? You need to actively engage in a process and the WEB is clearly the least expensive and most productive method. We know this because Premiere has done every form of advertising over the last 17 years.

To help you change, improve, and grow your business, Premiere typically asks several questions at the onset of any relationship. The more you share, the more we know. Thus, the greater chance of our success. They would be as follows

  1. What do you hope to achieve by working with us?
  2. What is your target market?
  3. Are there any particular demographics for your business?
  4. Are there any geographics to your business?
  5. Which revenue channel/silo brings in the largest percentage of revenues?
  6. Which revenue channel/silo brings in the most profitable type of revenue?
  7. Are you planning or implementing any recent changes to your business now or in the next 12 to 18 months?
  8. Do you have any internet marketing in place? Please elaborate and identify your satisfaction level and results achieved.
  9. What were your gross revenues for the last two calendar years?

Premiere has designed and placed thousands of print ads in the last 17 years in consumer or trade magazines and newspapers for clients. advertising.

Spending less, getting more ROI

We provide clients with immense value. Are we the cheapest agency you can find? No way. But you will not find a less expensive agency that can match our creative and marketing solutions, our experience, our process, and our results. We ensure your marketing dollars are spent effectively. That means you can spend less and get a bigger return on your investment – a bigger bang for your buck. We understand the bottom line, and we judge performance by results. Single-minded focus – top line revenues; strengthening and extending the brand.

Areas We Service

Our office’s location is in Millburn, New Jersey and we service many small and big local businesses in Millburn, Short Hills, Summit, Chatham, Maplewood, Union, Green Village, East Hanover, and all surrounding towns near you. We also have many customers in the NY Metro area, NYC, Long Island, Connecticut, as well as other states all the way to California.

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