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Tag: Data-Driven Marketing

CTV Advertising

CTV Advertising: How Brands Can Embrace the Future of Television Advertising

The shift towards streaming services and the increasing adoption of CTV devices by households reshaped the way people consume content. This trend has caught the attention of brands, prompting them
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Using A/B Testing for Maximum Digital Performance

Serif or San Serif? Big, bold, restrained, or classic? An official product shot or a User-Generated Image? In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and product development, you have a
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Google Analytic Traffic Sources

Understanding the Different Traffic Sources on Google Analytics

In today’s increasingly competitive online market, understanding how your visitors and customers behave on your website is the most crucial piece of data you need. Google Analytics is a leader
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Market Research Benefits

How Market Research Benefits Your Business

Making a significant life decision without conducting the appropriate research is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t buy a new car without researching all available makes and models, and you
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The Key Differences Between a CDP and a DMP

In the last 12 months, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have become something of a focal point for marketing executives. It seems there are different CDP’s emerging onto an increasingly saturated
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