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Author: Kelsie Granitzki

When Will My SEO Be Done

When Will My SEO Be Done?

During our initial consultations, new clients typically ask the million-dollar question, “When will my SEO be done?” It comes as no surprise that clients want a definitive answer after they
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Blog Post Length

How Long Should My Blog Be For SEO?

Yes, a blog post’s length does affect how well it will perform on search engines. To climb page rank on the almighty Google, marketers need to create quality content with
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SEO & Website Design

How to Integrate SEO Into Your Website’s Design

A website acts as the cornerstone of any digital marketing plan; so it comes as no surprise that webmasters want to make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing to the
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Virtual Assistants

How Will Virtual Assistants Affect SEO?

Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have completely transformed the way in which people seek out information. Instead of going to a search engine such as Google or Bing
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5 Ways to Generate Leads From Snapchat

With over 150 million users, today Snapchat is a viable medium for businesses to engage with potential customers on social media. But many marketers hesitate; unaware on how to take
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