Writing for a Website

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Copywriting is very important for any online marketing and involves strategically implementing words that get readers to follow and perform some type of action (ex: click this link, call to schedule an appointment, etc). As discussed over and over, SEO and web design work well together and there’s no reason why SEO copywriting shouldn’t be part of the web design process.

SEO copywriting is writing web page copy that is not only appealing and interesting for readers, but also ranks well for targeted keywords and terms that people are searching for in the search engines. SEO copywriting isn’t used in traditional marketing (for obvious reasons), but there are still many similarities between copywriting for a website versus copywriting for traditional marketing.

When copywriting for a website, it’s important to incorporate valuable keywords into the copy. Readers are most likely going to find your website (and copy) through search engines by using specific keywords. In traditional marketing, keywords don’t hold much value.

Prior to writing for a website, you need to know and research your client. You need to learn how the client generates revenues and learn the important areas they cover so you can conduct keyword research. During your keyword research, you can find out which ones drive traffic and focus on spreading the words out amongst your WebPages. You need to focus on the geographic regions you’re targeting as well. Once this thorough research is complete, you can go back to the client, review the keywords so they have a sense of the project and agree on the most important areas to focus on. If everything is agreed, you can begin the SEO copywriting for your website.

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